About images and links

About use of images

Atami Tourism Bureau has prepared a variety of images to promote tourism in Atami City.

Images that can be downloaded from Image Download on each page can be used for both personal and commercial use.

However, please use it according to the following terms of use.

Image Terms of Use

  • Images other than those that can be downloaded using Image Download cannot be used as they are protected by copyright.
  • Please use it for Atami city tourism PR.
  • It turns out that it was provided by the Atami Tourism Bureau.
  • For websites and SNS, a link to the Atami Tourism Bureau website is required.
  • If using paper media, please include the Atami City Tourism Bureau name and homepage address.

In the event of a violation, you may be subject to appropriate charges and compensation for damages.

About the links

You are free to link for personal or commercial purposes, except for links from the prohibited sites listed below.

Sites that refuse links

  • Links from articles or sites that slander, defame, or infringe on intellectual property rights, etc. of the Atami Tourism Bureau's operators, related parties, or the individuals or companies listed.
  • Links from sites that violate public order and morals
  • Links from sites deemed inappropriate by the Atami Tourism Bureau operator

Please note that legal action may be taken in the event of a violation.

If you need a banner, please contact us. We will create a banner for you.

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About article citation

When quoting or reprinting an article with some modifications, please clearly state that the source of the quotation is "Atami Tourism Bureau" and set a link to the cited page, even if it is for personal or commercial use. I have permission.

Please link using the link buttons (Facebook, X, Hatena, Pocket, LINE, Copy) at the bottom of each page.